Stray animals in Uruguay – and an idea how you could help them

Uruguay unfortunately doesn’t has any animal shelters like we know them from Germany or other countries. This may be a reason for having so many stray cats and dogs here. We have one very special case of a stray cat and this since about 2 years – our „Phantom“. He is a white stray cat and supposably suffering skin cancer. We offer him food and shelter. He is not castrated and unfortunately he is very shy. Therefore we are not able to catch him but that would be urgently necessary to let him castrate and treat him by a vet!

Of course, his wound is caused by his disease, but this is how it looks like after fighting with other not castrated male cats. There are also better days and the wound is closed then. 

It would be urgently necessary to treat him. But to be able to catch him (and others) we need a live trap. In Germany it’s possible to borrow them from animal shelters or animal rights groups. Somebody once told us, there is also such a trap available in Uruguay, but we never found one. This is why we want to build one on our own to be able to start a treatment of our Phantom. 

At the moment we take care of our own 8 cats. Of course they are all castrated and well cared for. Depending on the season, we take care of about 2-4 stray cats and we feed about 4-6 dogs with the rest of their food. These dogs are living in the streets near our house or near the supermarket or bakery, where we usually buy our groceries. 

To be able to feed all them and to provide necessary medicine and of course to build and spread many live traps to catch and castrate stray cats, a lot of money is needed. 

We already talked to our vet. He can support us by granting us special prices for medicine, worm treatments aso, and his work. But of course, he cannot work free of charge. 

How our blog readers can help 

We thought twice before starting such a request and decided that we definitely don’t want to collect money or to set up a donation account. But if we want to do more, we definitely need some support. Well, we don’t ask you for money! But it would be possible to support us by clicking the Google ads showed here in our blog. 

Please just click sometimes one of the ads that are shown in our blog, directly below the first article. As soon as the advertising page is loaded completely, you can close it and that’s all. You don’t need to buy something or to react in any other way. 

With each click we get a few cents and we promise to use this money only for the animals. In the last 4 years we „earned“ about 70 Euro with our blog. That’s better than nothing. But the more people are clicking on the ads, the more we can do here for the poor stray animals. Of course, we don’t want to enrich ourselves with this money!

„La Rubia“, she’s living near the bakery, where she’s always waiting for a little bit of food.

And this is her best friend „Negrito“

This is a very poor one, having a skin disease.

There’s a lot to do! And we want to help. Everybody who wants to support our voluntary work for the animals here in Uruguay, can do that without having own costs or work. We and the animals want to thank you and everybody for the support! 

Of course, we will keep you informed about what we are doing, our tops and flops. 


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